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What Is The Adam Project?

Founded in 2018, The Adam Project was inspired by the life of Adam Carpenter. In his life, Adam did not let his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy affect the way he viewed the world and the love he gave to every individual. Full of laughter, love and life, The Adam Project strives to honor Adam's memory by giving children a chance to succeed while giving every child the same passion, empathy, and unconditional love that Adam graced the world with. 


At The Adam Project our motto is, "Education Outside The box."  We strive to design, deliver, and teach alternative learning programs that are customized to each child's unique learning profile. We believe in forging relationships with each and every child and celebrating each child's strengths while focusing on regulatory, behavioral, and academic needs. At The Adam Project, each child will be pushed to be the best version of themselves while maintaining steady growth, positive outcomes, and the confidence that they can achieve anything.

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About Me: 

Rachel Gilbert 

"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be."

- Rita Pierson

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Rachel has worked in Special Education for 11 years. Rachel obtained her first Masters of Arts degree in 2011 from Sonoma State University. After falling in love with working with all children and with the specific intrigue of Autism, Rachel quickly moved to San DIego where she earned her Masters of Arts degree in Special Education from the University of San Diego. With her thirst for learning and growing more as a professional, Rachel has completed many continuing education trainings and is well rounded in servicing a variety of educational needs and disabilities. In addition to Rachel's knowledge and skill set, Rachel is well versed in Special Education law and is skilled in writing creative and unique IEPs that allow each child to make exponential progress. Rachel's experience includes working with children in the school, home, and in clinical settings. Rachel is widely known for pushing children to places that are unimaginable and is a strong advocate for long term independence and success.


-M.A. Biomechanics 2011- Sonoma State University

-M.A. Special Education 2013- University of San Diego

- Education Specialist Credential -

mild/moderate disabilities with an added authorization in Autism Spectrum Disorders

- Individualized curriculum development

- Goal development 

- Structured teaching 

- Common core

- Pivotal response treatment 

- TEACCH apprach 

- Applied behavior analysis

- Social thinking 

- Zones of regulation

- Gross motor integration



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"Game changer! That’s what I call our journey with Rachel Gilbert.  We had so many IEP meetings left feeling defeated and made to feel like we had to lower our expectations. As parents to a child that you know in your gut has potential to do great things but unsure how to tap into it, you wish the answer would fall out of the sky....then one day, the answer appeared.  We were told by a teacher that Charlie learns so much better in a one to one learning setting.  We were nervous to make the transition to this type of educational style and wondered how it would work... Rachel became a game changer. 


Rachel quickly learned the personality of our son, created materials that were customized to his particular interests and used many different styles until she found the style that he enjoyed learning the most and was highly effective. I can now say that changing the style and format in which he learns made all the difference in the world. It has completely changed the trajectory of his life, by laying a strong educational foundation. We will forever be grateful and highly recommend her to any family who may need this type of personalized private education.  It has been our greatest investment into his future."

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(530) 391-9646

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